What is your refund policy?

Either book comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply use the contact form to receive a refund.

While no explanation is necessary, if you do request a refund, I would appreciate any thoughts so I can consider how to improve these works.

Are there discounts available?

Yes, there are, but only for Creating Flow with OmniFocus and Workflow Mastery. There is no discount for Zen & The Art of Work.

Feel free to use the discount versions of Creating Flow with OmniFocus and Workflow Mastery if any of the following applies to you:

  • You are involved in an educational setting.
  • You’ve purchased a prior version of the eBook you are looking to purchase.
  • You are a senior citizen.

There is no difference in product.


What are the module titles?

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Choosing Your Focus
Module 3: Taking a Step
Module 4: Walking Paths
Module 5: Preparing Time
Module 6: Setting Thoughts Aside
Module 7: Addressing Thoughts
Module 8: Using Action Lists
Module 9: Preparing Space & Attention
Module 10: Creating Next Actions
Module 11: Mastery
Module 12: Setting Work Aside
Module 13: Preparing the Day
Module 14: Reviewing Systems
Module 15: Charting Courses
Module 16: Practicing

What is Gumroad?
Gumroad is the site that I use to handle payments and delivery of the books and course.  Your credit card will show “Gumroad” as the place of purchase.
How do I handle VAT exemptions?

Gumroad’s FAQ describes the process:

Your email receipt should have a button that says GENERATE INVOICE. When you click this button, you’ll be sent to an invoice field. There, you can enter your VAT registration number and automatically process a refund for the VAT you paid. This refund will take 2-3 days to arrive at your credit card or PayPal account.

What is the difference between the course and books?

Zen & The Art of Work is a video course that requires no prior knowledge or tools. It is aimed towards helping build the skills that lets you be productive and creative, particularly for developing a single project well.  It focuses on the individual session of work as the core unit.  You will choose a single project of your own to practice these exercises.

Creating Flow with OmniFocus is geared towards developing a specific workflow while also teaching the ins and outs of the task manager OmniFocus. It is useful to creating a large system of tasks to stay on top of all the ins and outs of your life, personal and professional.

Workflow Mastery examines an overview of the workflow. The principles here apply throughout our environments be that of task management or otherwise. It is a deep academic examination of the theories behind productivity.

Where do I start? Which one is best for me?

It is difficult to make a general recommendation for everyone.  I can say that I started with the excellent Getting Things Done (non-affiliate link).

Zen & The Art of Work is probably the simplest start.  There are no requirements of prior knowledge or tools other than pen and paper. You could use a task system if you already have one. The focus is about learning the skills of productivity through a single project that you choose.

If you own OmniFocus, Creating Flow with OmniFocus could be a great place to start.  It goes through the ins and outs of building an entire system to get on top of all of your work.

Several readers have found Workflow Mastery to be the strongest of the books, but I personally believe that this sentiment comes from already having a solid system in place.  It would help you take things to a very high level of creative, productive, and most importantly, meaningful work.  But I don’t think it would work well as a place to start.

Can I buy them on my mobile device?

Yes. They are downloadable, too, via the receipt. You can also create a login for Gumroad (the purchasing service) so you can download the items for future use.  Gumroad also provides a mobile application to view your purchase.

A set of instructions are included with the books, too, if you prefer to download them directly to your computer and transfer them to a device, such as a Kindle.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, an affiliate program is now available.  Let me know if you are interested.
Can I download the books or videos?
Yes. You can download the books and videos to your computer to read/watch them on whatever device you wish.
Can I buy the books and course elsewhere?

Presently, the books and course are not listed in iTunes, Amazon, or otherwise, though an affiliate may have it for sale at their site. This may change, though I have preferred the direct artist-audience connection the present method provides. If you would prefer it sold by some other method, please drop me a line and send your vote.

Purchasing the ebooks at ZenandtheArtofWork.com and UsingOmniFocus.com provides you with multiple formats so you can read or listen where you like and how you like without restriction.

Can I share the books and course?
I suggest using either as you would a physical book or DVD within the home. As long as you are not reading, watching, or storing it at the same time, then please feel free to share within the household.
Can you tell me about my own specific workflow?
Requests to evaluate individual workflows are welcome. However, to do so adequately would take me some time. If you would like to hire me, please use the contact form to send me an inquiry.
Are you affiliated with Davidco or Getting Things Done?

No. I just really like the methodology. Reading the Getting Things Done book helped me organize and start building my own systems.

Throughout Creating Flow, Workflow Mastery, and Zen & The Art of Work I try to describe what I understand to be GTD concepts and what I believe to be my own deviations from them. But, Davidco does not endorse me, and I may not interpret everything they have to say perfectly.

Do check out the book Getting Things Done. There are many task management methodologies out there. I find the best are those you can adapt to your own workflow. I’ve found the GTD method to be useful for myself.

Are you affiliated with The Omni Group?
I have been compensated by the Omni Group for giving a talk and may in the future, too. However, I’ve enjoyed their products long before any such arrangements.
What is OmniFocus?

In short, Omnifocus is a powerful task management system that can be used to organize anything from routine activities up through major goals in life. It is a tool that helps break down your goals into real world tasks that allow you to work and play in a way that you want to.

Check out The Omni Group’s main OmniFocus site for more information.

Still need help? Drop me a line …